Past Activities

Past NACP Symposia

2023, Reykjavik “New technologies from bench to bedside” (arranged by Norwegian and Danish societies)

Summary article: Full article: New technologies from bench to bedside – report from the Nordic association for clinical physics 2023 symposium (

2020/21, Digital Edition (arranged by Norwegian and Danish societies)

2017, Oslo “Bridging Imaging and Therapy

Summary article:

2014, Turku “Imaging in Oncology”

Summary article:

2011, Uppsala

Summary article:

2008, Aarhus

Summary article:

Course in QA and Dosimetry 2021

The NACP-RPC is proud to announce that this years course will be a series of 5 webinars, hosted by the EFOMP platform (GoToWebinar). The webinars will be free of charge.

Link to the EFOMP Webinar series page

Purpose of the course:
The purpose of the course is to introduce medical physicists to new tools and methods that can be applied in QA routines to improve efficiency and quality of work. These methods include automation of image-based QA, application of model observers and AI-based image quality analysis. The course also includes topics related to patient specific dosimetry, dose tracking and protocol management systems; tools that are essential for a medical physicist. The course will also discuss how to adopt these topics in the training of future medical physicists. Every webinar will also include a practical demonstration of a QA- or dosimetry-related topic.

Other past activities of the Radiological Physics Committee