The NACP is an umbrella organisation, an association of associations, for the Nordic Medical Physics societies. The NACP is not meant to replace any functions of EFOMP or IOMP, but to strengthen their role in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Association for Clinical Physics was founded in 1962 and was an active association for many years with an excellent international reputation. Following its fourteenth meeting and General Assembly in Reykjavik on June the 26th 1992, the association was not active.

In June 2004 a new Constitution was approved by the boards of the Nordic National Member Organisations (NMO) for Medical Physics: the Danish Society for Medical Physics (Denmark), the Finnish Association of Hospital Physicists (Finland), the Icelandic Society for Biomedical Engineering, the Norwegian Society for Medical Physics (Norway) and the Swedish Society for Radiation Physics (Sweden).

The aims and purposes of the NACP include

The aims and purposes of the NACP include:
a) To co-ordinate the activities of the Nordic member organisations in the field of clinical physics in all its aspects.
b) To establish relationships and collaboration where appropriate with national, regional and international societies and bodies in the fields related to clinical physics.
c) To improve the standard of clinical physics activities within the Nordic countries.
d) To promote Nordic co-operation within the field of clinical physics in scientific work, developments and education.
e) To promote the exchange of scientific information within clinical physics and related fields of science.
f) To recommend standards for education, training and accreditation programmes within the fields of clinical physics.
g) To encourage scholarships and the exchange of scientific experts within appropriate fields.

NACP Documents

Official NACP documents, annual reports and minutes of board meetings is found here