About NACP

Council members (2017-2010)

President:       Marianne Leirdal Stokkan, Norway
Secretary:       Mika Teräs, Finland
Treasurer:      Asger Greval Petersen, Denmark
Webmaster:  Anders Tingberg, Sweden
Delegate:         Gardar Myrdal, Iceland

The aims of the NACP

To foster and co-ordinate the activities of the Nordic member organisations in the field of clinical physics in all its aspects.

To coordinate industry grant application procedure .

To organise task groups and scientific meetings together with National Member Organisations (NMOs).

For details see: Constitution [pdf, 135 kb]

Task groups and Committees:

RPC (Radiological Physics Committee)
NMPC (Nuclear Medicine Physics Committee)
Scientific Committee
Final report of the committee for CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

NACP c/o Anders Tingberg, Strålningsfysik, Skånes universitetssjukhus, 205 02 MALMÖ, Sweden